The 1st International Conference on Sustainable Agricultural Socioeconomics, Agribusiness, and Rural Development
22 September 2021

Prof. Dr. Ir. Irham, M.Sc.

Chair of 1st ICSASARD 2021

Department of Agricultural Socio-Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Gadjah Mada warmly welcomes you to the 1st International Conference on Sustainable Agricultural Socioeconomics, Agribusiness, and Rural Development (ICSASARD) 2021.

This conference will be conducted virtually due to Covid-19 Pandemic on September, 22th 2021. We encourage participants from all over the world to discuss about “Sustainable Agriculture, Agribusiness, and Rural Development in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0”.

Notable Keynote and Invited Speakers will share their speeches, participants will present their papers, and we will provide a platform to support new opportunities and future collaboration. Your participation and contribution at ICSASARD 2021 will be greatly appreciated!

About ICSASARD 2021

The era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 has entered a new chapter with the Covid-19 pandemic conditions. In this era, technology has become an inseparable part of all sectors of life, one of which is the agricultural sector. Agriculture is the mainstay of the sector during the pandemic conditions. The city center is an area that requires food supply from rural areas. As a result, rural areas need to be empowered and developed so that they are more familiar with the technology so that agricultural management can pay attention to the ecology of the surrounding environment. Besides, awareness of doing business based on farming from upstream to downstream needs to be improved in the current era so that it can improve the welfare of life and open jobs for others.

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Dr. Sarah Turner

“Ethnic Minority Livelihoods, Socio-Economic Change, and Rural Development in the Southeast Asia Massif”

McGill University, Canada

Invited Speakers

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elske van de Fliert

“Communication for Rural Development - The Transformation of Agricultural Services Towards Adaptive Management of Sustainable Farming Systems” - The University of Queensland, Australia

Prof. Dr. Mad Nasir Shamsudin

“Food Security: Issues and Policy Responses” - University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jangkung Handoyo Mulyo

“Indonesian Food Policy: Challenges, Achievements, and Lesson Learnt” - Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia

Prof. Dr. Justus Wesseler

“Agriculture in the Bioeconomy – Economics and Policy” - Wageningen University and Research Centre, Netherlands

Focus and Scope

Agricultural Management

Agriculture and Rural Development

Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness

Agricultural Finance and Cooperatives

Agribusiness and Agroindustry

Human Resource Development

ICT for Agriculture Development

Important Dates

June, 5th 2021 – July, 5th 2021

June, 5 th - August, 6th 2021

Abstract Submission Deadline

July, 14th 2021

August, 13th 2021

Announcement of Abstract Acceptance

August, 15th - 31st 2021

August, 23rd - 26th 2021

Payment Due Date

September, 10th 2021

September, 13th 2021

Full Paper Submission Deadline

August, 13th 2021

September, 15th 2021

Video and Power Point Submission Deadline

September, 22nd 2021

Conference Day

September, 30th 2021

October, 11th 2021

Full Paper Revised Submission Deadline

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